CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - The Mobile Game

"Gameloft announced the U.S. release of "CSI:Crime Scene Investigation- The Mobile Game," based on the CBS primetime hit television series. The new game allows players to investigate the sinister side of Las Vegas, and adds excitement by incorporating an optional level of interactivity whereby characters in the game place phone calls to players to help them with their sleuthing. The mobile game also delivers more realism than ever before with detailed locations, spontaneous interrogations, 3-D views of evidence, and clever laboratory mini-games to help solve crimes.."

When you play the CSI game mobile, you will act like a real CSI detective when you go to the scenes; a place which have a victim killed, finding a clues, warrant on searching in the suspects's houses, questioning a witness, or suspects in the police station and examining DNA, fingers, and others in lab CSI. It more like CSI TV series..

Join the CSI team in Las Vegas for an exclusive case!

Features :
  • Exclusive plot written in collaboration with the creator of the TV series.
  • Crack the case with the help of all the main characters from the show!
  • Use the brand new 3D engine to examine objects from every possible angle.
  • 5 original evidence-analysis mini-games: extract DNA, match pieces of a ripped picture and more!
  • Experience the unique atmosphere of Las Vegas by night.
I enjoyed this CSI game with used my nokia N73... You better to give this one a try! I brought this game with price RM 8 only. :) You can find one from handphone magazine or KREKO magazine which you buy at the bookshop. ^ ^

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