My blog get new favicon! Cute Orange Dino!

What is the favicon?

A favicon (short for 'favorites icon'), also known as a website icon, page icon or urlicon, is an icon associated with a particular website or webpage...

I saw my senior's favicon in his I asked Hwa about favicon..But, I still don't understand what are he saying..hehehe. I decided to learn some tips from the tutorial while I was surfing net.. :P

Now, I just know after I check the different way in blogger because it is different than other website because they have hosting server, they can upload file.ico so easy. I don't have one. That is why I think some way to make how favicon file in png or gif upload in my blogger. Finally, my blog can get favicon! ^ ^

See my cute favicon;

For bloggers,

you need to upload your favourite icon in your photo gallery website or 1st.

You need to create some in Edit HTML like this example;


[link href="" rel="icon" type="image/png"]


You just copy/paste red code and [ ] change to < >

It is very easy la. You better change it as your favourite icon in your blogger! :)

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