Free Icons! IconBase and YellowIcon

When I have been looking for free icons, I found many cute and cool icons from! Some icons can download from there.. you try to use the icons for put all on your desktop! :D

You will find the best icons from the best artists in the world. The icons here listed belong to the individual authors and companies. They are free for personal and non commercial use.

Visit IconBase

And other icon website..

Mostly people really like this website 'YellowIcon'..I think it is become famous of icon pack websites already.. Still, many different of type icons; movie, cartoon, science, apple icon, crystal and etc..! See the pictures below;

Care bears Icon Pack

For more information, please visit their website 'YellowIcon'

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Anonymous said…
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Selina Wing said…
Thank you very much! ^ ^

I will visit your website