Doggie Dash

Help reluctant pet spa partners Walter and Scarlett get their new business up and running! Doggie Dash™ is the newest store in Dinertown! Get dirty dogs squeaky clean, trim matted cats back to fluffy perfection, and put the perfect bow on prissy poodles while you upgrade and customize the ultimate pet spa!

* 2 modes: Story and Endless Shift
* 50 levels of gameplay
* 58 upgrades available for purchase

Everybody loves a clean bet, and new entrepreneurs Scarlett and Walter are going to capitalize on that with their new store, Doggie Dash! You can choose your characters; Scarlett or Walter who take care of adorable pets in this great diner-style game. Pamper pets, but make sure you take care of their owners too! You make sure you the doggies are happy and their owners will be too.

You will earn money and improve their pet salon, even expanding to new and more exotic locations! Cute animals, lots of upgrades and customizations and familiar game play are sure to make this game a hit! And don't be fooled by the cuteness of this game.. the higher levels really have a challenging bite to them! So, your business will be greater!

Give Doggie Dash a try today!

How to play FREE Doggie Dash:
You need BitComet* software so you will install from
you download this game from mininova
After download it, you can enjoy playing Doggie Dash anytime you want~!

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