VPAD is new *videophone*

World First Advanced Wireless Next Generation VideoPhone for Deaf community.

Visit the official website

“Viable has brought deaf and hard of hearing VRS users into the wireless age with the VPAD, the most revolutionary videophone device, ever.

Consumers will love using VRS services even more with this next generation videophone which bursts with innovation from the top to bottom, for everything they do. Users will truly have control of the VPAD at their fingertips, utilizing a touch screen technology to navigate their way around.

The VPAD is the ultimate “on the go” device, it can be accessed wherever there is WiFi connectivity, opening deaf and hard of hearing consumers to a world of communication possibilities. Viable has aspired to lead the VRS industry into the next generation of communication technologies, and that has been achieved with the VPAD”

Some features of VPAD:

* WiFi connectivity - that means we can take the VPAD to our local Starbucks, or on out-of-town trips to hotel rooms, or even to many McDonalds (which now provide free WiFi service).
* Touch-screen that’s 10.2″ wide.
* Optional keyboard via USB cable
* Light alerts along the top of the monitor
* Ability to hook the VPAD up to a larger TV, or even another electronic device (like gaming devices) to the VPAD
* A slot for SD memory cards

I really like it! I wish to get new VPAD! HAHA.. People can touch on the screen! It is nice.. It can get internet when it have WiFi connectivity..

I don't know about how much price of VPAD.. because its new product just out already..

Check her blog;

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what? your blog is first one in more than a week!

Once the truth was out of the bag, the comments on various blogs dropped to zero.


It is not what they claimed.

It is not wireless, it is limited to WiFi, not like blackberry or pagers or even cell phones.

touch? requires HARD touch, not soft touch

Phone number? sorry, IP numbers only, contrary to FCC's intent to require all have phone numbers in lieu of IP numbers and also the IP numbers are subjected to changing every 2 to 3 months at the whim of the carriers.

Beta testing? oops no beta testing had been done.

911? Unknown.

bottom line - PREMATURE announcement. Poor business plan

Visitors to CES in Las Vegas reported plenty of problems with the VPAD.
Anonymous said…
W. David Samuelsen stated, "Visitors to CES in Las Vegas reported plenty of problems with the VPAD."

Where is the source? Or is it just that your 'W' rhymes with the word, banker?
Selina Wing said…
David, you test your own VPAD before? First time, I heard about new product VPAD when I visit other blog's websites.

Some blog websites said the VPAD still is in beta testing. It just started after 4 weeks ago

VPAD's company try to solve the problem if VPAD got bad advantages.I hope that it will be great if it is success! ;)
Anonymous said…
W. David:

I should not have to remind you that the mobile phone industry does not have any claim on the term "wireless." If Viable says it's "wireless" then they mean it doesn't need wires! Of course they mean WiFi and haven't made any claims at all that it works with the mobile phone networks.

Soft touch, hard touch, who knows? That's purely anecdotal hearsay and has nothing to do with Viable's claims. They said it's a touchscreen and it is.

Viable hasn't made any claims regarding phone numbers. IP numbers only? Sorry, contrary to your misinformation, the VPAD can use the same Viable Screen Name to call people that their softphone Viable Vision does, and vice-versa.

Beta testing? How do you know? Regardless, this has no bearing on what Viable has claimed the VPAD *is*. That was what you were making a list of right? How IT'S not what they claimed?

911? Not a feature of videophones but of VRS providers themselves isn't it? This also doesn't belong in your list.

Bottom line - PREMATURE, ill-conceived comment on your part based on misinformation and hearsay. Poor Netizenship.
Anonymous said…
I like in your 'videophone' and
good idea



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