Special Streamyx packages for Deaf and Disabled Citizen (OKU)

TM Streamyx provided the discounts for disability community, include Deaf Malaysians. This OKU packages are only for disabled citizens who registered under the Social Welfare Department, in the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.

First, you need to submit a copy of the OKU ID card when you go to TM point which is near your house or workplace. You can choose which package that you can pay on monthly, I just give my suggestion to choose 1.0Mbps is fast as you can pay RM 66 monthly.

Because my experience to using 512kbps, it get to be slow and sometimes go down! So, 1.0 Mbps - 4.0Mbps are better because you want to use Internet so faster, right?

When you are first time user, you will need to pay RM 75 for activation, and RM 88 installation fees required in your 1st bill. For example, use Streamyx 1.0Mbps + Activation + Installation fees to pay 1st. After 1st bill, you willl pay normal as pay RM 66 Streamyx monthly only.

If you are old user, no need activation and installation, just change package only, if you want.

  • Registration is available at TMpoint outlets only. 
  • Applicants must present their OKU ID card issued by the Social Welfare Department, Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. 
  • Should you send a representative to register on your behalf, please also submit a copy of the OKU ID card. 
  • The first bill will include one month’s subscription fee from the date your service is activated, and an advance charge of the second month’s subscription fee.
Please visit the official website, TM Streamyx at

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