Resident Evil : Biohazard 4

After the something happened in Raccoon City (Game Resident 2 and 3 which you played before), Resident Evil 4 puts you in the role of Leon Kennedy. He was that unlucky officer who faced a swarm of virus infected people running rampant in Raccoon City on his first day of work. He survived the whole ordeal and has been transferred to a special agency in the US government. His first mission is to rescue the president's daughter, Ashley Graham. She's reported to be seen in a remote village in Europe. He must be alive if he wants to complete his mission in the unknown village..

My friend gave me this PC game 'Resident Evil 4' so I tried to play this game because my friend said it is very great and really make him scare!! o_O He still can hear horror sound.. But, I cannot hear. I really enjoyed while I played  as Leon who must kill all monsters, zombies , bosses, dogs, and etc. When I saved Ashley in a church, I found out that more levels are most difficulty when I try to take out Ashley from a town.. It is not easy! I am very hate dogs, and big monsters! Dogs are very fast! So, it make me wasted the bullets -_- I have to kill the dogs with used a knife! The size of monster is very big, more like I need to make him to fell down on the ground! and I have to climb up on his head for kill a small virus monster who stay on his head! Too many things to kill so it is very difficult if you take long jounery to complete this game!

Screen Shot of Resident Evil 4
You better to play this game! Girls don't want to play it.. Why? They are scare its horror! Haha! I felt great after I played this game..But, I not yet finish all because it got long story and hard to complete this game..hehe because I died on many times already..

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