Bufferfly Tattoo?! wow.. and ...Happiness ?

I really cannot believe what I see..!! -_-lll My sister just showed me her friend's photo.. I knew who is her friend since I met her in Multimedia University..Now she are working in IBM ;) About her 25th anniversary, she am getting a tattoo on her right lower back. Its a picture of a butterfly flying.. this tattoo's price is RM 200~ @_@ Why she want it? Because she still on the the road and way to an adulthood, womanhood but no matter she is happy or sad, good or bad, she will face it head on and live through it and reminisce on it as she grow older. She still improve her mistake because she is very stubborn and independent..She also said it is wrong thing, point at them that they are not good at their fashion style, say the bad things in the front of the friends and etc. This is not good to say negative things..Finally, she understand since she are working with IBM..they are open-minded and be fairly. So, she have to learn to let go, to smile more often, to be more pleasant to people, to be more patient, make people happy, to use a little bit more tact in life. She said "we still spend our whole entire existence justifying our actions and our doings. We must keep our blessing 'happiness' and our path of life can't always be on the same path and stagnant on the same pace..."

My mum once told me, if there are negative views about you, allow yourself the chance to think positively and smile. For example, your friends don't like you or always give negative views; you are stupid, you don't know what are you doing with.., you are not good and etc. So, you take a deep breathe, smile and things will seem a lot brighter... You accept all and don't keep to fight.. :P Get a good night sleep You can smile and also think positively when you wake up from your bed...and it will be NEW day tomorrow to start AFRESH!Things won't be all that bad. ( ^_^ When I also wake up, I also be happy and strong..hehe don't believe me?? ;P I don't mind what you say to me..haha)

And that is true, as the saying goes, sticks and stones can hurt my bones but names can never hurt me. As they say if it doesn't kill you, it just makes you stronger!

No matter how hard I go against people or life's lessons, the harder I try to stay afloat or in a boat, the stronger the impact it has on me. The harder the climb to overcome the mountain! we never be give up! because our mind will propose that happiness has something to do with the success. This is exactly what the mind wants you to believe and act on. I know that most everybody has heard that money doesn’t make you happy.. Don't think 'money' always... For example, they also say 'no enough money' when they ask you to treat or you have more $$, need to find high $$ while they find a job, they be greedy, etc.. That is you unhappy? So, the money cannot change your life! As I know, you already be hardworking but you must give happiness to your parents, friends and others.. So, you will feel your life be better.

Once a person’s basic needs are met there is very little change in a person’s happiness as they gain wealth! We need to work so hardworking and must believe something can come into your mind of life.. You can get more luck and wealth $$ if you believe that you can do or given a chance for yourself!

It is true.. these elements of a person’s mind do not change because there are a change in their wealth. How you feel in terms of happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction is not a function of success, failure, or other external factors. Happiness and fulfillment is determined by the opinions and beliefs in your reality about your accomplishments and perceived failures. After all success and failure are just description labels projected by the mind. They can change with time or perspective. You have to make your self happy~

That is why I believe it.. :P If you don't believe it, up to u~ This is my part of secret.. lol

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