About my Singapore Tour

I very enjoyed while I visited around Singapore.. I want go to Sentosa but, it is normal and not very fun..:P I thought that Sentosa is very great because I watched TV about Sentosa have many exciting of I will share my experience with you! Let me see which place is very great in Singapore..

My family and I like to see what is in the underwater world in Sentosa. The Underwater World oceanarium on Sentosa is home to more than 2,500 fishes from 250 different species. There are the 'hands on' experience with starfish, stingrays and baby sharks! I love to touch the baby sharks because it is very cute! ^ ^ Then we ventured into the ocean depths via a moving travellator that ferries through an 83-metre-long acrylic tunnel. All around us, sharks, stingrays, eels and schools of fish glide past – engrossed in their own world. If you want to 'dive' with sharks, better to try it! There are two programmes for the tourists; 'Dive with the Sharks' or 'Dive with the Dugong'.

Many young people like to swim and play volley ball at the Siloso beach!! All boys and girls are very crazy to play but their bodies got lots of tattoo! They look like 'yakuza'..o_O Sentosa Luge, Sky Tower & Skyride are OK only. If you love it, can ~ ^ ^ The Songs of The Sea are very good of story because it can show with a live cast and dramatic effects pyrotechnics, water jets, brilliant lasers, special computer imaging, bursts of fire, captivating music and stunning flame bursts. My sisters enjoyed to listen the music and voice of singing by the famous actors~~ This show "The Songs of the Sea" only held on every weekend and public holiday.

We went to Chinatown by used MRT. Many people used MRT trains! @_@ More like Japan. They walked so very fast. Chinatown is full of contrasts and fascinating details. A place where many of our forefathers first made their homes, where the historic buildings have been lovingly conserved, where century-old beliefs are still old traditional...I suggest you better come to Singapore for enjoy the Moon festival Celebration or any celebration. Luckily, my family and I came for see many shops and chinese people enjoyed the moon festival celebration in Singapore!

My sisters and I love to shopping in Orchid Road, Vivo City, Bugis Street, Dhoby Ghaut , Clarky Quay, and City Hall. Haha.. We went to many places with used MRT but we think that it is better to use taxi because it is cheap! If family- 4 or 5 ppl can use taxi, it is easy..and if 2 or 1 ppl can use MRT so they can save money.. I just suggest this only because my mum already count how much price when we used taxi and MRT so we can save money so easily. The Orchard Road is very famous for the tourists because there are many world-class of shopping!! We really enjoyed to see how design of building and idea to make good shopping in the underground mall!! I love to explore about how to can design the building, products and etc while we are shopping~. I don't remember the name of places which I went before.. Nevermind la Forget this :P

Suntac Suntec City is designed with a lot of emphasis on the feng shui. The five buildings and the convention center are arranged so that they look like a left hand when viewed aerially, and the Fountain of Wealth look like a golden ring in the palm of the hand. As the fountain is made of bronze, it is believed that the balance of metal and water paves the way for success. Further, the specially selected Chinese name, 新达, means "new achievement". Wow, the food republic is very excited and show the old traditional shops... I make a wish when I touch the water from the fountain of wealth..Hehe. :P

If you want eat dinner or walk along the streets when the night sky, try go to see "Dhoby Ghaut" or "Clarky Quay".. There are many pubs and restaurants... I really shocked when I see the people sat on the wheelchair or bed hospital in the Clinic Pub!! Many different of pubs; Diamond Pub, Clinic Pub, Hooters Pub, Black Pub, and etc.. Wow.. My sister really love Hooters Pub because it is very delicious foods and have wine, vodka and beers! That is why Hooters very famous in Singapore! I like to drink vodka + wine because it is very good taste! My face grew become red! Haha My sis asked me that I am OK or not?? Haha

My family and I really enjoyed to eat the expensive foods in famous pubs & restaurants ..Haha.. Sushi Tei Restaurant -- it is very delicious than Sushi King! :P, Tony Roma's Restaurant --> you better to eat it! Don't miss it! (I belanja for my mum and sisters) --> my mum asked me where to get lot of money?? haha I work so hard~ la, Hooters Pub (my eldest sister belanja us), and finally Din Tai Fung Restaurant - we never see the dim sum are different than normal dim sum!! So, this restaurant is very ranked as one of the "world of top ten best restaurant"! Don't miss it if you want to eat! ^ ^ I still remembered that my mum advice me when my mum talked with my sisters and me in Singapore .. she said if you work so hardworking, you can get what you want! Must to treat your elderly and parents so nicely~ ^ ^ money is not important/ everything~! Dont be greedy if you want to save money! :P Must give more happiness to your family!

Next time, I will post my pictures about Singapore..I really lazy to put it into my pc! >_<

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