Kaoru's Cake House - Mobile Game!

Intro Kaoru's Cake House -

You can take a job as a waitress in Kaoru's Cake House!! You can enjoy to play it with used your mobile phone because it is very fun and cute!!

In bakery shop, you can bake them a delicious cake, of course!

This story is based on Gempak Starz's comic - Kaoru's Cake House

About this story, there are a romantic element and style which related with 4 handsome guys in a bakery shop --BOB,DENNY, WING & IZZ.. you will work with them!

KCH is a good story in game so it is very easy to play, which could be a good thing forthe gamers. More like Dash Diner! About gender selection, you can choose to play as male or female so you will be work as a waitress or waitres. You will be given a sales target at the start of each day/level (in game time, of course). You make sure the customers are happy so they will tip more with their orders because you have to earn more money in your goal!

See this example of KCH mobile game..

You can enjoy to play KCH mobile game when you are boring or while you are waiting for your friends and family!

How to download this mobile game KCH? Let me teach you!

KAORU'S CAKE HOUSE ( by Macera Technology)

Requirements: Mobile phone with GPRS/WAP and Java support

You can send "MT10180024" to 36644 via SMS

Price: RM8 per SMS request

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