Miri, Sarawak!!

Welcome to Miri, Sarawak~! My family and I reached at the Miri Airport with used the plane, AirAsia..This is my first time since I come to Sarawak~ I really happy! (^ ^)V

We took 4 days 3 nights since we stayed in Gracia Hotel (in town Miri) and Park
City Hotel (near beach). My family and I love to visit the Gua Niah but we took an hour to reach at the Batu Niah by teksi..> <>o reach the Gua Niah while we walk so far in the jungle.. :O Before reach at the Great Cave, we visited "Rumah Panjang" 1st. They are shy, polite and kind..:P After this, we went to Gua Niah! Wow.. "Great Cave" is very beautiful place and have many bird nests!! haha..See my beautiful pictures;

My sisters are enjoyed in Great fun ^ ^ Finally, we already out from Niah Cave but we walk along the jungle since we want back to same place again ! > <

We sisters never give up and have high spirit since we are trekking jungle!! hoho ~ :D My family and I planned to eat Lobstar 1kg in the seafoods restaurant, Miri.. !! ^ ^ Later, I will show you my pictures again. You better take new experience if you want to trekking jungle or climbing..etc..because it really good for your healthy! You can enjoy to visit around town Miri because we can eat different foods; Wantan (Dry), Curry Chicken Rice, Bird Nest Mee, and others than foods in KL! It is really delicious! ^ ^ You can buy cheap things when you go to shopping! :P Try! Visit to Miri, Sarawak~ ^ ^ :D Check Sarawak website;

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