My soul be happy ! ^ ^

Long time I don't post it in my blog after my holiday ended..I always busy with my project FYP..My groupmate and I also discussed the something during holiday.. :D Before holiday, I visited my best friend, Kimberly in the hospital, Petaling Jaya. Now, she is okay but I hope that she don't force to take heavy things! haha if not, her hand will be broken! bad~ hehe..

Year 2007 is 'Pig' year! :O Haha Chinese new year will coming soon..:D I will get holiday MMU for cny..Yahoo! but I still do my FYP :( I not always spend time with my family on every weekend.. sad.. haha My grandma will go to my house from penang! :D I really happy but I can't go see is bad.. She is sick in hospital since my parents back to penang during school holiday so I can't go back to penang on last month.. Now I hope she is fine! :)

It is very cute pig! haha It is suitable for the kids only. :P I can't wait for CNY :D I want back home early in this week :( but next week, I got presentation! It is bad for me > < I hope my presentation will be better than last time! :) I got downloaded lots of games from someone upload in the cybertracker! :D I will play the games such as Kindgom Hearts, FInal Fantasy 9, Final Fantasy X and Phantasy Star during my holiday! I hope so ^ ^

Wish me for good luck about my project FYP! hehe

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