Final day of MMU...^ ^

Yahoo! My final exam is over! XD

Finally, I can fly and leave from stress place ^ ^~~ and finally get rest! I can enjoy to play and sleep! haha :D I checked AZDM forum, Many deaf joined in this This is good for the deaf youth learn what they need when they visit this forum..hehe I want to watch movies T_T.. :(( I enjoy to download lots of anime from anime torrent and my friend's ftp. XD Thanks to them! I really love to watch Fate Stay Night (cool!), School Rumble OVA 2 (this is very funny!), Utawarerumono (cute) and Ouran High School Host ( laugh! comendy! haha)

Internship Interface Design in MMU

I finally can work in ID MMU. :D It is really hard to find job ID related with the companies T_T.. I hope that my job become better when I start to work there.. I ready to take the challenge project for work with my lecturers!! :> I must be hardworking and never give up! :>
My porfolio ; and But, my own website not complete..72% only. :(

My final presentation ID - E-Hovx

I submitted my final assign since last month.. I held my presentation to show my project "i-companion" to my lecturers in the lab ID in last 12 weeks. I was designed 3D product, E-Hovx for this project. I decided to choose metaphor 'Bee' to create the moodboard and find new idea about how to change into the flying object which can give protection. :) I give new name "E-Hovx" to my own product hehe.. It is cute? XD I really love this!! haha

E-Hovx is a product made with high technology device incorporated with memory chips, sensors, powerful motors and others. The digital electronics, communications requires advanced system technologies to achieve higher performance and functionality, such as high-speed flying, power battery, smaller chip dimensions, system power control and others. This is key step in the high manufacturing of most devices and software design of products (hologram).Holography is a technique which allows the recording and playback of true, three-dimensional images. It allows the viewer to move back and forth, up and down, and see different perspectives.

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Anonymous said…
Huh...a bee-like hovercraft?? it doesn't look like a bee... but it looks more like UFO....... =D