My Trip Interface Design~^ ^

After Chinese New year, I back to Multimedia University on 5 Feb.. I feel lazy more since MMU started..- _- All students major ID were gathered at E-threate on 7 Feb for meeting trip ID.. My friends and i stayed at TM Resort for 3 days 2 nights.. TM Resort is very best! got pool, astro TV, playground, beach, gym and etc.. :D. Many activites which my lecturers and seniors do for's very enjoyed! Like Fashion Show, Night Owl, Beach Relax, Kungfu Hustle, Draw & Tell, Treasure Hunt, and Creative Kite. ^ ^

My friends and I divided into each group because many beta, gamma and delta students ID also mixed in each group..I gave name 'SkyLight' for my own group :P My groupmates and I created new 'creative' kite at the beach ^ ^ll. My group also want to play kite but sad, no wind..:( About fashion show, i feel fun and very laugh laugh when saw guys acted as modal girl...pity guys cuz each group - girls must choose one guy for become modal girl.. haha. They pandai act as girl haha..:)) Girls also woo them haha :)) My groupmates and i very busy and do together 4 find the clues in Treasure Hunt.. haha. T_T i must go swim in the pool then find the clues..!! cuz my groupmates don't know swim :))

My friends and i can relax at beach..^ ^ We ate ice-cream together and saw a monkey climb :O hehe We also ate ABC..haha We were doing one games 'Shoot! Shoot!' :O it's funny.. haha. Pity ying wei cuz i make she kena didenda haha i told her that she jump on 10 times~ :P She is very shy and don't want others see her jump haha :)) It's very fun in my memories of life^ ^

Beach Relax ^ ^

My group 'SkyLight'

Later, I will put more pictures about ID Trip :P ^ ^

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Anonymous said…
kite making is like a piece or cake? or is it too challenging? if i ask you to create mountain-like clay craving, would you like to take this challenge up? =P