Exam Week..> <

Yestarday, I finished my exam "Media Philosophy"..MLP exam is ok d.. :P I think want back home but I got two exams again..:(( My exam, Screen and Display Interface on this Thursday and Computer Aided- Saturday..T_T I need to read all notes ?? I feel lazy hehe..
I hope that my result will get pass~!^ ^ I can't wait to back home for CHinese New Year! I not yet buy new clothes for CNY..:(


I success doing my model TOY ^ ^ Lecturer gave topic "TOY" to the students who study MEK. So, I am doing research and choose one of them .. UglyToy! haha.. See this picture,

Website -

Funny Comic..hehe

I like this..haha :D I like try to do my idea toy..hehe..soft toy and eletrontic music - I need put :P I tired and do the electronic music in 5 hours ago..> < style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 153, 255);">Wabbit" to my model toy haha..because he looks as rabbit.

Wabbit is cute? haha! I really love it :P When I touch Wabbit's stomach, the sound can heard! :D

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