My Lucky Day!

Today, my mum and little sister, jocelyn come to meet me at Multimedia University. I really very happy :D They gave me the foods ^^ I really miss chinese foods.. I always discuss with my mum about model making..It's very hard??:( We still think that what the material can used for my model toy? I hope that my model will be cute cute ^ ^ Jocelyn said want sleep with me in my room at hostel i said she can stay alone in my room while i go class until friday back home loh. She said i already crazy..:)) evil hehe. She 's very naughty girl than me haha..

Lowyat Plaza and Mid Valley in the half day..

Zaff, adda and i went to the Lowyat Plaza for buy the "Genius WizardPen Graphic" on last sunday. It is really great! XD it's cheap only..Rm 135. :P We also bought many like CDs, toys and etc.. lol.. We also share money for eat lunch and dinner..;) After 2 hours in Lowyat Plaza, we very tired T_T and went to meet adda's family..:O I met adda's mum..:D cuz Adda want met her mum before she back home by the bus at 9pm. :)

We no need to wait adda's mum at 9pm:P because we really went to Mid Valley for see the movie "Zathuna" (8.15pm-11.25pm) :) This movie really is good! :P We drive the car to mmu on late night..:D We really very tired but very happy :)

The WizardPen Genius

The WizardPen 4x3 is a natural pen device that makes it easy for you to draw, paint, or sign documents. The WizardPen 4x3 has a 512-level pressure sensitive cordless pen that gives you unlimited freedom, and up to 4064 LPI high resolution in a 4 x 3 working area. You can customize the pen button for fast browsing up/down, left/right in the Internet or in Windows documents. You can also make handwritten notes or drawings on the Internet or in any application program. This small remarkable WizardPen 4 x 3 is great to take with you anywhere and is easy to operate. So be different, and get the WizardPen 4 x 3, and explore a total new world!

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