Welcome,Grandma! miss~

My family welcomed my grandma,aunty and uncle to my house on yestarday ^ ^ They just back from Penang on last friday :D Mum and I also bring my grandma,aunty and uncle for went to Mid Valley I also want meet my friends there. ^ ^I am very enjoy with my frens at Mid Valley :D i gave the present to Kimberly for her birthday:P Kim, Woan Koon and two guys also share a cake cuz their birthday in this month. lol haha..They were very happy while we celebrated their birthday together at food court :P After this, we back home and ..very tired after shopping at Mid valley on 4 hours >_< style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold; COLOR: rgb(204,204,204)">Cute Nikki!! :D
I bathed my dog..he's funny because he don't like go bath ..haha! I take him in my bathroom :P He is quiet while I bath him haha :)) After that, I cut the fur hehe because he 's very dirty :)) He looks as the wolf and cute!! XD I very loved him :P He's very nice but still naughty ..haha

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